Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grace Upon Grace

This is not the main subject of this blog, but I must give God Glory for it anyway. Many of yew know that I am (Lord Willing) moving to south Africa for a little to work in a radio as an engineer. I created a group for those that are willing to be praying for me while I am over there working. I have been so blessed to see how many people have dedicated themselves to praying, for not only me but for the work in South Africa. Watching the body at work is amazing. Thank you God for each one of these Servants.

Now for the Main Subject of this Blog.
A few months ago a close Friend of mine Hans asked me
“ Bud, Have yew ever played the game of chess”
” No” I said, “I don’t play games at all “
His response to this was “Bud, You play Chess with Life”
I didn’t understand what he meant, and he proceeded to show me how I can, and tend to move pieces (people) around the chessboard to accomplish my “will”
I took this to heart, and started praying about it, and through this one small word I can see where the lord was able to prune not only this but other areas of my Life.
However, After stumbling a bit this week, I was noticing that the heart of selfishness, that I’m going to call this game of chess, was trying to surface again, I was chatting with my best friend on Skype. I had to get off because I really didn’t know what was going on, so therefore didn’t know how to explain to my friend, Needless to say she was a bit confused, but gracefully let me go.

I was able this morning to contemplate, after the Lord gave me wisdom in the situation, how wonderful the Grace of God really is. Fist I got to see it in my friend, who with the patience of job, put up with my foolishness. I also got to see in how God is taking my selfish heart, and continuing to prune it, so that He can get glory in the end. Praise God!!!!



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